Hi all

25/04/2013 - 15:45
David Clark
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My name is Dave & my club is www.flatoutclub.com

the details of your DTM season was passed over from  Tomasz Kawecki 

I will be testing the mod later with 2 or 3 others and will get back to you asap. is there a closing date for registration?

I would be interested in joining up once i make sure it does not clash with our own series and competitions .




ps. where can i find password for practice server please?



25/04/2013 - 18:07
Robert Rys
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We welcome you warmly, you can ride lyrically, if it does not disturb our calendar you are welcome!

We do not have a password in training, the server is available 24 hours


26/04/2013 - 11:05
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Hi Dave - nice to see you here.

There is no closing date for registration. People will be able to join during the season also. But it would be nice if you registered your teams before the official race - then numbers would be assigned for you. 

Quite soon there will be a mod update/modification - but only for the purpose of the league - no changes in the physics - just reordering the cars and taking 50 kg of the BMW as it is heavier than the other cars. Also a statistics system will be launched and templates for the mod released. So you will be able to drive with flatout colors ;)

If some races clash together - you can always miss a couple with DTM and get back to us when you can. The calendar is aligned with real life DTM series and it does not clash with real life F1 (and with our F1 series here at IRG).