SMP DTM 2017

Polish Simracing Championships 2.0

It's time to start preparations for new challenge of "SMP - Simracingowe Mistrzostwa Polski" - Polish Simracing Championships. First edition, despite of a few problems was a big success. For sure there were more ups than downs sides. So as you would expect, we are keeping the momentum.

Previous mod on the other hand wasn't so great, so we needed to choose something else.

1. Back to the past.

All kinds of GTE and GT3 had taken place at our both leagues for many years. There was a rumour, that drivers had enough of it. So we decided to take wider look for our racing possibilities.

In December 2014, when rFactor 1 was leading platform on and IRG made shy attempts of rFactor 2, administration of rF2 decided to organize full year season on paid mod "T5" from United Racing Design. In other words: DTM. It was risky move - rFactor 2 wasn't so popular back then. Despite that, we stood to the end, because mod was really great.

What was more interesting, for the very last race we had better attendance than most of the season. In the mean time IRG "exploded" with more than 30 drivers wanted to compete in EGT season.

It helped us to understand, that our DTM was a bit of "false start", because rFactor 2 was just starting to get popular.

At the end of our DTM season we concluded, that this mod is so good, that we need to get back to it one day. The last update to this mod released recently by URD with DX11 support led us to simple decision.

2. Formula 1 with a roof?

DTM - Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters has opinion of being Formula 1 with hard top. Often can be hear: "This is too fast, I won't be able to drive this".

Perhaps it has some elements similar to F1: advanced aerodynamic, similar steering wheel, wider tyres than in GT cars, quick pit-stops etc. DTM is generally faster in corners and faster over all than GT3 or GTE cars, but to F1 it lacks a lot more.

Every driver, who handled GT3 will not have a problem with DTM cars. Remember it and don't panic.

3. Mod

As was mentioned before we are basing on mod T5 from URD - paid mod. Current price for it is 4,40 €. It is not much, and for sure mod is worth of that money. You need to give us a proof of purchase, or e-mail address, on which you bought it to get our version.

You don't need to download the original version. For purposes of our season we needed to adapt it, so you are going to need to download our version.

There will be three cars to select from: Audi, BMW and Mercedes. In real life they are quite simillar regarding performance. In our mod, they will be completely the same, so basically you choose whichever looks better for you.

4. Reality vs Simulation

As always it is kind of compromise. In our opinion, we don't need to apply all of the real rules, because in virtual racing we can use better ones. Still we take best what we can from real series.

Cars are from 2013, so they miss some to the new ones. Elements which we took from real series are:
- tracks - most of them were hosting DTM races lately or some time in the past. We chose best available tracks, and yes, most of their names ends with "ring";

- fuel mixtures - drivers can change them during the race;

- 4 tyre compounds - it has been that way in old DTM seasons, now in real DTM this matter is simplified to only 2 compounds, but we stay with 2 dry compounds and 2 wet compounds;

- DRS - one or two zones;

- no refuel - we blocked it, as most of the real racing series do or try to do;

- no tyre warmers - they are not being used in current DTM.

5. Format of races

Season will include 8 rounds.
Every round will consist qualification, 25 minutes sprint race and main race with length (laps) specified before every round (between 60 and 75 minutes). Grid will not be reverted.

6. Fuel mixtures and amount of fuel

As was said before, there will not be refuel during the race. Cars have 100 liters tank capacity and this is enough for the race.

During race driver can use 2 fuel mixtures:
- standard - Level 1 (0 in setup);
- enriched - Level 2 (1 in setup).

Rich mixture provides much better performance, but we for sure will not be able to drive the whole race on it. Standard mixture is slower, but much more economic.

It comes to strategy and smart juggle between two of them to finish race, and finish it fastest as possible. It's easy to overlook it, so we may see drivers ending their races faster then they would want.

7. Tyres

They had been change quite a lot comparing to original.

We observed, that tyres provided to moders by ISI were heating too easily and were not willing to give up that heat. That was main problem of those tyres and most of modders didn't catch it.

After looking into some onboards with tyre temperature we observed, that real tyres are more dynamic, only some of the heat is getting inside into the tyre. So to make it more realistic we fixed it, best as we could.

Basically tyres will cool down much faster then before, what will make tyre warming a job for few laps, especially harder compound. Keeping good temperature will be harder too. It should be a little challenge for everyone.

There is no restrictions to what compound you need to race on. Also you can pit or not, it is completely your choice.

8. DRS

There will be at least one DRS zone on every track. Gap between drivers needs to be lower or equal one second to activate it.

Calendar will be revealed soon, but first we are going to make a few testing days in Spain on Ricardo Tormo, on which Mercedes, Audi and BMW test before their season.

Soon server for tests will be launched and we will reveal even more details about SMP DTM 2017 season. 


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