IRG GT3 Race of Istanbul

Designed by Hermann Tilke, the track that consists 14 corners with various difficulties where one of the known turn is a combination of 4 turns known as no.8 which can be compared to a popular corner from Monza which earned itself the name "Diabolica".

Second known place is "Turkish Corkscrew" or turn no.1 where after 650 meters the track line descends in the left hander where afterwards it climb up with a right long hander no.2 to no.3 where it's really easy to lose traction just before no.4. Next there are another 2 tight corners and before corner no.7 is where the first sector comes to an end. Second sector is the mentioned combination of 4 turns "Diabolica", next we drive down to a chicane no.9-10 and again up the hill to no.11 where beforehand the second sector ends. Speeding down we go to the last 3 slow corners where we get back on the start-finish straight.

This is briefly the 5340 meters of anti-clockwise circuit in Turkey, which incidentally still holds the record of the most overtaking maneuvers in a dry race. Talking about the weather, the same words of synoptics for upcoming weekend are split. Looking closely at the weather radars, we can have a suprising rainfall during the race.

Everything here announces us a very interesting race, as emotions will reach zenit this sunday 20th May at 20:00 UTC+1, where our brave simracers will face a 90-minute rivalry.
Two Infinity Racing Team drivers from where one of them is the leader of Drivers Championship, Stepek in 1st and in 3rd Szymon Piwinski are not willing to slow the tempo down. Zibiman other known as Zbigniew Siara will be chasing down the leader, he has the speed but he isn't clear of mistakes.

What will come up on Sunday? We'll see who will get on the best as you can follow the race Live at 20:00 UTC+1 on twitch: