Race of d'Albi IRG Winter Formula 2018

3,2,1, Lights out and away we go as the 2nd round of IRG Winter Formula 2018 series on Zolder Circuit passes by setting a new challenge for the mighty simracers as we are heading to Race of d'Albi on a track that is situated in the south west part of France.

The circuit has got 70 years of history in motor-racing such as the Motorcycle Grand Prix hosted in 1951 and 1952, As well as hosting the FFSA GT Chasmpionship since 1991 until 2011(between 1991 and 2011. The venue does not contain any stands making the fans feel the racing experience from any position they are willing to take. The venue doesn't feature any stands, making racing experience for fans enhanced, regardless of their position around the track.

Circuit d'Albi is a very challenging circuit for both the drivers and the machines, as squeezing every single tenth of a second is crucial, and is an essential of a perfect setup. The track features a combination of slow and fast turns with long straights creating a very challenging test for the drivers' ability) of adjusting the setup making them fastest on the grid.
The setup may not be necessary although significant consistency is required on this circuit as it features large open areas with no run off, which can cost drivers seconds or even the whole race when they make a mistake.Even the best and the fastest drivers can make a mistake opening doors for the consistent drivers ones who are likely to dominate the race.

Paying attention onto the performance of Tomasz Wach over 2 rounds in the IRG Winter Formula Series. Without actually winning a single race, he is the leader of the driver standings with 100 points, LukeR in second with 90). Tomasz was very close snatching a victory in both of the second races in Valencia and Zolder showing how close he can be to win the race and pace not being the factor to Victory at ALL the times Tomasz was very close of snatching victory in second race, both in Valencia and Zolder, showing how close of winning he can come with speed not being always the main factor.

Although,the question is: Can Tomasz maintain his consistency on the Circuit of d'Albi?. We'll see in a few days as the third round of the IRG Winter Formula 2018 Season is set to start at 20:00 GMT on Sunday, the 4th of February 2018.