Suzuka IRG FORMULA 2018

For the 15th time in the IRG Formula 2018 season, drivers will set their cars at the start. After the drama of Sebastian Kosmala, who burned his engine on the Paul Ricard circuit, Tomasz Wach won, increasing his advantage over Sebastian in individual classification to 41 points. Losses are still to be made, but Sebastian once again in the end of the season, after a huge advantage lost the position of the leader. There are still 4 GP with a pool of points is 140 to get. Theorizing if Sebastian will win in each race and Tomasz will take up to four times the third position, Tomasz Wach will win this season by one point. And behind Sebastian's back there are more fighters Łukasz Ladmann, Paweł Mrówka and Adrian Kot complete the top five drivers of the IRG Formula 2018 season so far. So we have a very interesting situation before the end of the season. Who in this end will add, if you prefer: good disposition, happiness or fate?

We will find out soon, we will start with an "eight" on Suzuka, this unique track is due to its layout. The curves in S1 will give the tires a bone, and many corners including the famous "Spoon" await the laid-back drivers. It is narrow, beyond Hairpin and the last chicane corners overcome at high speeds. It's difficult to find a place for a "good" ahead. The result of the qualification will be important. just like the condition of our tires, so do not hesitate.

Drivers on the track and fans to the store for wrestling on the transmission :)


We start the show on Sunday at 21:00.


Track data:

The length of the loop: 5807 m

Race distance: FL + 42 laps

Number of turns: 18

Number of braking zones: 10 (4 strong)

Dedicated mixes: super soft / soft / medium


As usual, fans are invited to an exciting live broadcast on the> MotogamesTv channel and Paweł Sobolewski.

Weather here: