Race of Circuit de Catalunya

What a race in China it was last time around as it was raining and the whole of the grid has turned around as everyone got shocked with rain just before the race with many making mistakes with their tyre choice. Driving styles have came to effect quite early to the season as we saw many different drivers taking their podium finishes in China.

Just this Sunday 13th May at the Circuit de Catalunya we are back in IRG Formula 2018 after a long break and we are desperate for action both in real life and here in rFactor2. It's set to be dry on race day but it does not look like we should get any little sprinkles of rain and there is nothing to suprise us for this race with the weather conditions. Like usual, warm, clear sky like usual Barcelona.

Track is located in small town called Montmeló just up north of Barcelona. It exists since 1991 and it is 4655m long where the drivers are having to go through 16 turns and each one is different than the other. It has a great combination of fast/slow chicanes and fast/slow corners with a long DRS where drivers can pick eachother out as they battle through the field. The lap record around Circuit de Catalunya was set by Kimi Rikkonen with a Ferrari back in the 2008, as the time was 1:21.670. We saw much quicker times in testing so is it this year that this record will no longer be held by Kimi or on the other hand no longer held my Ferrari car from 2008?

As we all know Sebastian Kosmala is on a run and is dominating all tracks with already gaining a triple podium and triple Pole position. Can Sebastian repeat his glory in Barcelona? Or maybe is there someone on the grid that can stop this man from taking the highest step?

We'll see on Sunday 13th May at 20:00GMT so be there. Sign ups are open and you need to set 50 timed laps to start on the grid. We also have an alternative for slightly lazy people and you can set 35 timed laps and start from the pit lane.

As a surprise we have for You a new team of commenattors: Anrdzej Wasielewski and Pawel Sobolewski. You can find Andrzej on his Twitch channel  where hi have a lot of good stuff. But from now You can find them at MotogamesTV channel on YouTube. 

Race Weekend:

Sunday - UTC+1 time of the schedule (21:00 in Warsaw)
20:30 Practice session
21:00 Qualify 1 (15 minutes)
21:15 Qualify 2 (10 minutes)
21:30 Warmup (5 minutes)
21:35 Official race (52 Laps) + FL
23:00 Weekend finish
Pre race limit: 50 laps on server

Server name: 
IRG_Formula#1 (open 24/7)
IRG_Formula#2 (open 24/7)

How to join: http://irg-world.com/for-new-ones

All is on Live stream on MotogamesTv