IRG Formula 2018 GP Singapore

On the Sunday evening of the 16th of September, the 13th GP of the IRG Formula 2018 season will be played.

It seems that the drivers are facing a very difficult race this weekend, Marina Bay Street Circuit is the Asian version of the street struggles in Monaco. For the difficulties associated with the proximity of the band, it is time to actually play this GP. We are dealing here with the night race, worse visibility and in addition to the enormous humidity, there is always a chance of rainfall during the race. For drivers it will be a challenge, for viewers a chance to watch a great spectacle. In the last race, Sebastian Kosmala defended Pole Position but Zbigniew Siara entered the finish line less than a second behind him, in the qualifications of those drivers he shared only 5 thousandths of a second.
In the drivers' standings we have a very interesting situation, the top five are located in less than 100 points, it heralds a hot fight to the end of the season.

Therefore, we invite fans now for the relationship led by Andrzej and his guests

On the Motogames Tv channel

GP in numbers:

Track: Marina Bay
The length of the loop: 5065 m
Race distance: FL + 46 laps
Number of turns: 23 (14 to the left, 9 to the right)
Number of braking points: 15 (4 strong)
Distance from PP to T1: 200 m
Length of the service aisle: 411 m
Transfer by pit-lane: approx. 18 sec
Dedicated mixes: Hyper Soft / Ultra Soft / Soft
Tire wear: high
Brake wear: high
Engine wear: high
Gear changes: avg. 80 / lap
Predicted number of pit stops: 2/3

Probably we are preparing a wet GP - watch the weather radar: