IRG Formula 2018 GP Italy

Tiffosi are already waiting for the cars on "La Pista Magica"

Week after week, we have GP, so whoever lives collects measuring laps, time to collect valuable data, and corrections after the "deadly" harvest during the Belgian GP are necessary.

The track, built in 1922 near Milan, also had an oval part, but it was withdrawn from use in the 1960s. It is here, after leaving the long Curve Parabolica turn, we enter the straight start-finish to finally reach speeds of over 350 km / h.

In total, for almost 80% of the length of the track we go with a fully open throttle, the components of the cars will get to the bone. Engine and brakes can graze on the last corners. The low wings necessary to achieve high speeds will be a problem in harassing and braking. A compromise has to be found.

Huge overloads during braking before the first chicane (variante del rettifilio) cause problems to many drivers. Then again, gas to the top and we get to another chicane (variante della rogia). In the 2nd sector, the "lesmo" turns are the most difficult, especially the second with inequality at the exit.

We invite fans on Sunday evening for a report on this magical Grand Prix, we do not know how other drivers but our season without Monza would not be complete. This is a unique track for both drivers and fans, the Italians can do a lot of trouble, showing their reluctance to their rivals.

We hope that everyone will be able to prepare a compromise package for this unique track and wish you luck on Sunday, we encourage you to train.

La Pista Magica, these are not empty words, Magic legendary and famous Monza is now waiting for the heroes of our league.

And in the classification after the summer break it got interesting, the drivers fighting for the first positions now share really few points and this promises to us an extremely interesting second part of the season.

Race in numbers:

Track: Autodromo Nazionale di Monza
The length of the loop: 5793 m
Race distance: FL + 42 laps
Number of turns: 11 (4 left, 7 right)
Number of inhibitions: 6 (3 strong)
Distance from PP to T1: 380 m
Length of the service avenue: 422 m
Transfer by pit-lane: approx. 15 sec
Dedicated mixes: super soft / soft / intermediate