2018 US Grand Prix - IRG Formula 2018

From the starting line drivers climb over 11% crest to the first corner - the highest point of the circuit, on the top of a 30 meter hill. Then they leave the crest to go through a series of fast corners modeled after the famous Maggotts-Becketts-Chapel complex of Silverstone, and via blind turn number 10, taking them to the end of the track and a tight hairpin of T11. Drivers will then follow a 0.62 miles (1.00 km) straight until the end of the second sector and speed through a series of turns reminding of the stadium section of Hockenheimring. After yet another descent, a turn with multiple apexes like famous section of Istanbul Park, the last two lefthanders will guide them to the start/finish straight. In only 6 years since its debut, the track has become one of the favourites among the drivers. The layout is fast and demanding, blind corners that are often banked opposite to the direction of the turn make the track difficult and technical, yet thrilling. A few strong braking points and a long DRS zone help in closing in on the rivals.

In the last GP in Japan, Sebastian Kosmala met the expectations and sliced off a good bit of the points difference to Tomasz Wach. There are only 3 races remaining in the season and we can assure you, that the fight for the title as well as the smaller fights further down the pack will be fascinating. A year ago, only 9 drivers out of twenty who showed up at the start of the US Grand Prix took away the points, as there was a lot of action on the track. There have also been a few penalties that made the difference in the final outcome, as Adrian Kot enjoyed the race victory at COTA.

Who's going to be the one a steward will wave the chequered flag for this year? We'll see during the live feed commented by Andrew and Sobol, at MotogamesTV channel from 21:00 CET. The unexpected date of the event have coincided with the Mexico GP, however the Administration has decided not to alter the running hours for one of the IRG Formula 2018 championship deciders at the Circuit of the Americas. As for the real Mexico Grand Prix, fans will have a choice to either drive with us(which might lead to being forced to watch the rerun of the F1 Grand Prix), or drop out of this event and watch the F1 race instead.