SMP DTM 2017 Regulations

1 General

League „Simracingowe Mistrzostwa Polski DTM” – Polish Simracing Championships DTM is organized by administration of portals IRG and SimRacingPL. Joining the league means acceptance of every rule set by organizers.

To take part in the league required possession of rFactor 2 simulator and usage of IRGTool, which can be downloaded from IRG download section.
Any other required files can be downloaded through IRGTool or from Download section of SimRacingPL.

rFactor2 is still a development platform, because of that game can include bugs. Drivers, who join the league accept this fact and are required to never use potential bugs to gain advantage over other drivers.

To join the league driver needs to receive license and register on both portals: IRG and SimRacingPL. Driver doesn’t need to be in a team, but administration strongly advise it. In the league one driver teams are not allowed.

To receive a license driver need to report to administration. Requirements: safe and stable drive, times not drastically differ from other drivers and the most important – 'fair play' and safe fight with other drivers. Driver can prove himself on official trainings and training races.

Kindness and companionship, personal culture on servers and league portals also makes positive influence on decision to grant a license. Presenting sim racing history also can have a positive impact.

After getting the license driver will get access to SimRacingPL platform – SLS, where will be presented races results, classifications and where team are being created. Moreover results, classifications and teams will be presented on IRG platform.

Team have to has 2 drivers. Both drivers in the team must drive same car.

The team name may not contain abusive phrases, names already existing in a real racing series.

In the league you are allowed to have your own skins templates. You need to use default skin if you don't have your own.

Paintings for one team needs to have common characteristics. However it is allowed that each car to have a distinguishing trait for each driver.

Paintings need to include required league advertisement, which can be downloaded from IRG download section. They may be repleaced during season if it’s needed.

League uses individual start numbers. Numbers are being reserved by drivers in SLS and in IRG systems(seme one). Number can not be changed. Currently reserved numbers can be checked on the sites of the IRG. Registering in SLS on you need to use same name, which you chose on IRG. Start numbers have to be places on custem livery. They need to be well visible.

Drivers can use their real names or just nicknames. Organizators don’t restrict participants in this matter.

Only cocpit view is allowed.

Sim Racing is hobby, which connects people with different interests, views and origin. Everyone are racing as a group of acquaintances/friends and everyone expect good atmosphere and cooperation. Any lacks of personal culture, respect to others, behave against the rules of netiquette or behaviors generally recognized as wrong/offending will not be tolerated and persons, who can not adapt will be removed from the league.


Rounds are held according to SMP DTM league calendar. Calendar, time of start of the races and time of races can be found in SLS or on IRG sites.

Organizers reserve the right to change date of round or cancel it in case of random circumstances.

At least 30 counted laps on IRG servers are required to take part in a round. This amount allows to start from pit-lane. To be privilege to start from grid 50 counted laps are needed. Lap counting ends just before official practice session.

Administration each time determine maximum amount of people, that can start in the round. Administration will inform drivers if a divide to groups will be required and how it will be done.

During competition, real weather plugin will be in place, what means, that drivers can expect same weather as on real location, that race take place. In case temperature is lower than 10 Celsius degrees administration reserves the right to fix values. Drivers should follow real weather to be prepared for anticipated conditions.

Real road is in place on training sessions and will affect pace of drivers. Before official testing session road is reset and application of rubber starts again.

On servers, the following multipliers are set:
Real road time scale - normal
Fuel usage - x1
Tire wear - x1
Time scale - x1

Each round has following parts:

Training before the race - 60 minutes. Start ~20:00

Qualifications - 20 minutes. Start ~21:00

Warm-up - 10 minutes. Start ~21:20

Sprint Race - 25 minutes. Start ~ 21:30

Warm-up - brake between races. Start ~ 21:55

Main race - determined number of laps. Start ~ 22:00. Main race can't last longer than 80 minutes.

In qualifications only 6 laps are allowed (every lap count). Going over that limit ends with DQ. Driver who gets pole position gets 1 point, unless the pole lap was out of track limits. Any ammount of fuel can be used, setup won't be blocked.

Warm-up is for administrator to do any needed things before the race (such as penalties). Drivers can drive during this session, but leaving the server is not recommended and can result in wrong grid place. In cases like this administration don’t take responsibility.

For finishing the race drivers receive points to individual and team classification. Winner of the event is the one with the most points after the round. Points are granted depending on the kind of the race:

To gain points, driver needs to drive 90% of the leader distance.


1. 25
2. 19
3. 16
4. 14
5. 12
6. 10
7. 9
8. 8
9. 7
10. 6
11. 5
12. 4
13. 3
14. 2
15. Rest in 90% = 1 punkt

Main race:

1. 50
2. 38
3. 32
4. 27
5. 23
6. 20
7. 18
8. 16
9. 14
10. 12
11. 10
12. 9
13. 8
14. 7
15. 6
16. 5
17. 4
18. 3
19. 2
20. Rest in 90% = 1 punkt

During pit-stops drivers are obligated to take only half of pit station.
Driver, who are going in first needs to take a half, that is further from pit-lane.
Driver, who are going in to occupied station needs to take closer half.


3.1 General rules

It is forbidden to use any assists, exept "auto-clutch" and driving a car with a view other than the cockpit view.

During the race, observe the signals given by flags (yellow, blue and black). In each session follow pit-lane speed limit.

Entry and exit from the pits must be done on prescribed alley, which at the exit can be determined by line. During drive off the pit lane, that line can not be exceeded or touched.

The driver, who is at a lower position in the race than the driver directly behind is overlaped (lap down). Overlaped driver is obliged to give a safe way for faster driver, trying to minimize the loss of time of this faster driver (not hampering his overtake move).

During overlaping of slower cars it is allowed to make a double signal with Your headlights, that the other car may not be aware of Your position/speed/presence.
It is forbidden to use the light as "stroboscope".
Penalty level - see section 4.6 of these regulations.
Also, do not override this maneuver by bumping into other car, pushing off the track, delaying braking, etc.

Writing in the chat is allowed only during the training session (practice) and warm-up on topics related to simracing. During the other sessions communicate in chat is prohibited, and the chat is only used to issue commands by Administrators. This does not apply if the driver must report the urgent problem to administration, that admin may not know about, moreover, administrators can suspend race start it if necessary at any time.

3.2 Track limits

Drivers are required to drive with a minimum of two wheels on the track. As a track it is considered an area of asphalt limited by a white lines. The white/yellow line are still considered as track.Curbs, green-grate (AstroTurf) does not belong to the track.

Administrators of the league have the right to indicate a derogation from the above mentioned rules, for example to drive on the designated part of track with more then two wheels or even the whole track. They can also make changes in the required track limits (for example safety reasons).

If a driver made a move on his rival due to go off-the-track, he is obliged to gave the place back. This rule does not apply if both players (attacker and defender), cut the chicane simultaneously, or a person is forced to leave the track with four wheels as a result of a dangerus event on the track (for example spining car on track or accindent) and this is the only way of rescue, not to cause bigger accident/colision.

For overtaking as a result of the departure off the track it is considered a situation in which the departure off the track was used to boost Your speed and make a attack for example on the straight. That is forbiden.

Unacceptable is to defend Your position as a result of driving off the track. In that case the defending driver is obliged to give up his position for attacker.

League administrators recognize that, despite the recommendations, each driver can do an error in the lap and do not maintain the track limits on the track. It is allowed to make one offtrack for every 12 minutes of the race time.
If a driver made more then one off-track mistake during those every 12 minutes he is obliged to ease of throttle one full second after his departure on next straight line. With such ease from the throttle it is considered that this off-track will not be counted.

Off-track in last race qualifying means adding 30 seconds to the current race instead of drive-through in the next race

3.3 Rules of "two-wide" battle

In the case of two wide opponents must leave themselves enough space on the track, both straight line and corner.

2 wide rules apply from moment, when attacking car gets side by side with defending one. We can talk about side by side, when front car axis of attacking car gets ot the height of defending rear axis. This is the basic condition. If it’s not meet, 2 wide rules don’t apply.

Two cars have to respect 2 wide rule in a corner or chicane when rule from point 3.3.2 is fullfiled before attacked driver starts to turn into the corner or chicane. If cars are not side by side by this time, defending driver can choose freely his line.

Rule from point 3.3.3 is no use, when driver made mistake in a corner. If in that case cars gets side by side 2W rule from point 3.3.2 is in effect.

Driver who changes drive line is obligated to make sure, that he has space for that maneuver. Driver who changes drive line takes any resposibilities in case of any contact with other car.

Responsibility for a safe overtaking manover rests mainly on an attack-driver. It is allowed to defense your position. The defend-driver has the right to only once change his driving-line on track, he is also obliged to do it early enough not to cause accident or dangerous situation. You have to defend yourself early enough or not at all. Changing the drive line already in the breake zone of is particularly risky and in most cases can be considered as too late defense.

4. Penalties

Penalties for breaking the rules is divided for base(time) and alternative penalty. Administration will always pick penalty, that will be more severe. Moreover drivers get penalty points, the so-called „U”.

Penalties never vanish. Time penalties add up.

Driver for each 10U collected gets additional, special penalty: S&G 20s
S&G penalty for 10U is treated separately from other penalties.

10U collected in last race of the season is changed for DQ in that race. Qualification off-track in last race results in 30s time penalty in race.

Driver, who is consistent in not respecting off-track rules (3 races in a row) gets start from pit-lane in next race.

Cases not included in regulations will be invastigated by 6-person committee. Committe can give any penalty starting with grid penalties ending on withdrawal of license.

Offenses and penalties you can check HERE

5 Protests – report a racing incident

Up until 23:59 of the day after the race, the driver has the opportunity to file a complaint. Then, within 24 hours of the notification of the complaint, all drivers included in the complaint (as perpetrator or victim) can respond to the reported complaint.

The complaint can be made by the victim, offender or administration. There is no possibility to file complain, in which driver din’t take part in.

Protest should be filed by form „Report a racing incydent” which is in driver panel.

Each protest is examine by administration of the league consisting members of IRG and

League administration have no „deadline” term to place a complaint.

6. Other

Administrators check tracks limits using telemetry. Drivers are obligated to send it by IRG Tool. Telemetry is needed from qualifiactions and races in 24h after end of the round.
Telemetry needs to be from DAQ plugin delivered by IRG Tool. For example DAMP plugin does not give necessary data.
Driver is obligated to install DAQ plugin available in IRG Tool.
- If driver does not send telemetry from Qualification is punished with DT
- If driver does not send telemetry from Race is punished with DQ
- Drivers with DNF in race don’t need to send telemetry from race,(unless they are asked to) but they need to send it from qualification session or sessions.
-If your game crash, you have to send us temporary files.

In the case of absence, the penalties are transferred to the next race.

Administration has right to change/fix mod if that is necessary.

Administration decisions are irrefutable and are not subject to appeal.

Announcments made by administration on both sites might regulate some specific aspects of each race. They may temporarly alter some of the standard regulations. Announcments must be strictly respected.

Administration can kick driver from server, if he commits deeds contrary to the regulations or general rules not include in regulations.

Every issues not included in regulations are settled by administration of the league.