Radical Summer 2017 Regulations


The Radcial Summer 2017 is organized by the administration of IRG and SimRacingPL. Joining a league means accepting all rules set by the organizers.

To participate in the league is required to have a rFactor2 simulator in the current version, and use IRGTool to download files from IRG.
The remaining files you need can be downloaded using IRGTool or Download section of SimRacingPL.

RFactor2 is still a development platform, constantly being improved. This means that the game may display "Bugs". The player joining the league accepts this information and agrees not to exploit any potential imperfections to gain advantage over other players.

To join the league, the driver must obtain a starter license and sign in SimRacingPL and IRG. Only individual classification will be carried out, everyone will go to their account.

To get a license, this fact should be made to the organizers. To obtain a license requires a safe and stable driving, the times you get unless they drastically diverge from the best laps are of little importance. From the competitors we need first and foremost the ability to drive fair, safe fight with other drivers and possibly unmistakeable driving. These skills a competitor can prove during official trainings and mini races.

Courtesy and companionship, personal culture on the servers as well as IRG and SRPL services positively influences the decision to grant a license. Presenting the simulator experience can also have a positive impact on licensing.

Once the license has been obtained, the competitor will be given access to the SLS platform, where the results of the races and classification will be displayed. In addition, the results of the races will be presented on the IRG platform.

In the league there are skins shared with modyfication.

Each league has its own start numbers. The driver start numbers are reserved in SLS, as well as using IRG systems where the number is assigned to the driver and can not be changed. The currently reserved numbers can be checked on the IRG pages.

The league does not required full name - you can run on the servers under your nick, actual or sensible name and surname. League organizers give the participants complete freedom in this regard, although the use of first and last names is welcome.

The league only has a view from the cockpit. (cockpit only)

Simracing is a hobby connecting people with different interests, views and backgrounds. We all race as a group of friends / friends who want a good atmosphere in the league and mutual cooperation. Deficiencies in culture, disrespect for the rival, failure to adhere to the rules of netiquette, or behavior deemed generally inappropriate / offensive will not be tolerated by the organizers, and unqualified will be removed from the league.


Rounds are held on the dates set by the league calendar. Calendar, start time, and duration can be checked on SLS, or on IRG pages.

The administration reserves the right to change the date of the round or to cancel it in the event of a random situation.

To participate in the round, at least 20 laps must be made on the IRG servers. This amount makes it possible to make pitlane takeoff. In order to be able to start on the grid, 30 measured laps must be taken.

The lap limit must be made absolutely before the start of the race weekend training session.

During the competition will be used weather plug, which means that drivers can expect the same weather as the actual track during the competition. However, because of the league nature of the home, there will be no rain during the race. For temperatures below 10 degrees, the administration reserves the right to adjust the values. It is recommended that the players follow the weather forecast and are prepared for the announced conditions.

During training on the track will be applied rubber, affecting the time reached, but before the training session on the race day the rubber will be erased and its application will start again during the training session.

The server has the following multipliers:
Gumming speed - normal
Fuel consumption - x1
Tire wear - x1
Acceleration time - x1

Each round consists of three parts:
Training before the race, lasting 60 minutes. Start 20:00
Qualification, lasting 15 minutes. Start at 21:00
Warm-up session lasting 10 minutes. Start around 21:15
Sprint 25 minutes. Start around 21:25
Warm-up session, reversal top 10. Start around 21:50
50 minute race. Start around 22:00

During the qualification you can do any number of laps within 20 minutes, but keep in mind that the riders will start with the amount of fuel remaining after qualifying. The only possible change in the setup of the car after qualifying is the choice of tires, braking balance, and fueling strategy.

The warm-up session is used by the administration for any necessary preparations for the race, such as penalties or grid alignment. During this time, the players can make laps, but leaving the server is not recommended and may result in the player's inadequate starting position. The server is not responsible for errors caused by the driver leaving the server.

Start of the race takes place at 12:00, the race is twenty-four hours smashed. During the course the competitors can refill any number of times and use any tire mixtures.

For completed races, drivers receive points for individual classification. The winner of the league is the driver with the most points.
To get points you have to drive 90% of the leader's distance, rounded down to full laps.

Points are awarded according to the following key:

Sprint: 14,11,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2, remaining at one point.
Race: 25,18,15,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2, remaining one point

During the pitstops, the rule of mid-position is in force.

The athlete who is the first to go to the vacant post is obliged to take half the position, the most distant from the alley. With the boxes to the left of the straight S / M this will be the left half, with the boxes on the right side of the straight S / M (in the driving direction) half the right.

The athlete descending to the position already occupied takes place closer to the alley.


General rules

It is forbidden to use any facilities other than "auto-clutch" and to drive a vehicle other than a cockpit.

Follow the flag (yellow, blue and black) during the race, and speed limits are required for each session in the box.

Entering and leaving the pits must follow the prescribed alley, which can be marked at the exit on departure. When leaving this line must not be exceeded

A driver who is in a lower position in the race than the driver directly behind him is called a mirrored. The mirrored is obliged to pass the mirror in a safe way, trying to minimize the duplication of time (without hindering the advance).

Responsibility for a safe overtaking maneuver lies primarily with the attacker. It is permitted to defend the position. Defendant has the right to change his driving line only once, and is required to do so early enough to avoid causing danger. Defend yourself early or not at all. Changing the driveway already in the braking zone is particularly risky and in most cases it may be considered too defenseless.

Chat writing is only allowed during practice and warm-up sessions on simulator topics. During the rest of the session, chatting is forbidden and chat is only for administrators to issue commands. This rule does not apply if drivers have to report an urgent problem that the race administration may not be aware of, and administrators may suspend it if needed at any time.

During duplication, two doubles can be signaled with the intention of doubling (two blinks) to the doubled player.

It is forbidden to use "strobe" lights and the like.

The size of the penalty - see point 4.6 of this regulation.

The driver changing the course is obliged to make sure that the vehicle next to the vehicle is not contacted. It is the responsibility of the driver to change the course of the maneuver.

Track limits

Athletes are required to drive at least two wheels on the track. The track is considered an asphalt area delimited by a white line or curb, with the white line area being considered as a track, curbs (rakes, kerbs) and no track.

League administrators have the right to indicate deviations from the prescribed two-wheel drive requirement for selected track or track sections. They can also make changes to the required track.

If a competitor overtakes a rider as a result of going off the track, he is obliged to pass it. This provision does not apply where both competitors (attackers and defenders) have chopped off the chican or the person passing is a threat to the track, but this is the only way to save. For overtaking as a result of going off the track is a recognized situation where the trip was used to "drive" and to attack later on the straight.

It is unacceptable to defend your position as a result of going off the track. In case of such defense the defending driver is obliged to give his position to the opponent.

League administrators acknowledge that despite the recommendations each driver may encounter an error during the lap and not keep the track limits. One departure is allowed for every 12 minutes of the race - if the trip is over, the competitor is obliged to fully relinquish the gas for a second after his departure. At the moment of letting go, it is considered non-existent.

2W Rules

In case of situation 2 wide opponents must leave enough room on the track, both straight and bend.

The 2 wide rules apply when the attacking vehicle is level with the vehicle being attacked. Alignment means that at least the front axle of the attacking car will be at the rear axle of the attacked car. This is a prerequisite, if cars are not leveled, 2 wide rules do not apply.

For both cars to be required to drive 2 wide in a bend or chiseling, the rule of point 3.3.2 must be met before the attacker starts to enter the bend or into the chicane. If the car has not been leveled before entering the bend the attacker has full right to choose the passing line by the turn.

The rule of point 3.3.3 does not apply when the driver has committed a fault in the bend by which he left the perfect line. If there is an equalization in this situation, then Rule 2W of 3.3.2 applies.


Penalties for breaking the rules are divided into basic and alternative penalties. League administration will always choose a penalty that is more painful for the player. In addition, players are given, regardless of the basic penalty / alternative penalty points, so-called "U".

No punishment is needed. Time penalties add up.

Picking up another 10 U - means extra extra penalty - S & G of 40s.

Assuming a penalty point (10 U) in the last race - is converted to DQ penalty to the current last race. Check out the qualification in the last race means adding 30 seconds to the current race instead of DT in the next race.

Regular non-compliance of track limits (exceeding the number of trips in 3 races in a row in which to participate) - results in the start of the box to the next race.

Cases and circumstances not provided for in the tariff (eg intentional destruction of someone's car, cases of revenge on the track, unsportsmanlike conduct, driving on the crossroads, etc.) are subject to a separate assessment by a 6-person Administrative Commission - as a driver discipline tool. Cross section of penalties (from retractions on the grid, via DT, S & G, DQ and at the end of receiving the license).

A summary of offenses and penalties are available under this LINK

Protests - reporting accidents and other events

Until 23:59 the day after the race day, the driver has the opportunity to submit a protest. Then within 24 hours of the protest, all contestants included in the protest (as perpetrator or victim) may respond to the protest protested.

Protests can be filed by the injured / offender and the League administration. There is no possibility of submitting entries for events that did not take part.

The protest must be reported via the "Report an Incident" form located on the "Driver Panel" tab on the IRG pages.

Each protest is considered by the League Administration consisting of members of IRG and Simracing.pl

League Administration does not have a deadline for filing a protest.

Other arrangements

The player is required to install the DAQ plugin available on the IRG Tool, and then within 48 hours after the race, use the IRG Toola to send the telemetry from the qualification session (if participating) and the race (if completed). Note: If a competitor has participated in the qualification and not completed the race, he is required to send telemetry from the qualification.

In special cases, the administration may request telemetry from the race even in spite of the player's DNF.

For lack of telemetry from the qualification is given a penalty DT. For lack of telemetry from the race the competitor is disqualified.

In case of absence, the penalty imposed on the player passes to the next GP.

Admin reserves the right to modify / improve the mod of a series if necessary.

Administrative decisions are unquestionable and are not subject to appeal.

The administration may remove players from the server who commit acts that do not comply with the rules and general rules but not included in the Rules.

All matters not included in the rules of procedure shall be decided by the League Administration.