As we made a promise on the livestream of the last race IRG Formula 2018 before the end of the IRG GTE series, we will inform you about the upcoming league plans.


We will be preparing together for the main games in 2019. Fans of "Can" and "Open Wheelers" will be able to find a joint arena for us on winter evenings.


The delivered in a package of original Studio 397 LMP 2 class cars meet the expectations of many people. For this winter season, our choice was also due to the awareness of what may await us in the spring of 2019, we want to be able to prepare ourselves well for such an event as oranizators. An additional factor is very nice memories of several admins from racing the car in this class. You won’t mind that we want to do something a little bit for ourselves.


IRG Winter PROTOTYPE CHALLENGE is the full name of the season that will start 2019 in our league.


Drivers who have bought DLC from "studio" along with GTE cars can start their trainings this coming Sunday, right after the end of the IRG GTE 2018 season.