Welcome to our website.
If you already here, then for sure you already know why, and virtual racing is not unknown to you, at least You would have heard about it. If you want to stay with us for a long time, please register here http://irg-world.pl/user/register  You will be able to participate in the life of this portal.

To compete with us you have to get IRG Tool. You can find it in the User Menu menu at the top right of the page, in the 'Download' section. Download and install it, then choose the destination folder for the various racing series.
You are nerly finished. All You have left to do is to download the right track with the assistance of IRG Tool (You need to install downloaded content in rF2 launcher). You can download the skins of other competitors as well (also with the help of IRG Tool), and paint and design skins for Your team.

Now, there's nothing to stop you from entering our servers.
Servers are open around the clock, throught the week.

Here are the names of our primary servers:
›› IRG_Formula#1 ‹‹
›› IRG_Formula#2 ‹‹

›› IRG_TCR#1 ‹‹
›› IRG_TCR#2 ‹‹
›› IRG_TCR#3 ‹‹

You can learn more interesting information about our Portal by reading the 'News' and You are welcome to take part in forum discussions.

Here are some interesting details.

1   Formation Lap ‭ (‬FL)‭ ‬
 The final lap before race, ‭to heat up the tyres ‭and brakes. Keep special ‭care through the whole formation lap. Do not overtake. ‭Be quiet. Keep constant speed and distance to the car on front of You. Do not destroy someones work and traing by crush in to other competitor.

2   Mini Race‭ ‬ (Test Race)
It ‭is the rece counting ‭5 laps, organized by vote of drivers(at least 5 drivers). ‭Rules are ‭the ‭same‬ as the Official Race‭. except for the random start positions. Mechanical failures are scaled, race is ideall to check Your breaks and engin.‬ Also You can lern how to fight for positions. Mini Race give You so much fun and satisfaction. So do not avoid them.

3 ‭ ‬ Full Race (Training Race)
Race is held on Saturday at 20:00. Rules are identical as the Official Race. It is organized to test tactics, tyres beahevior and many ‭more ‭in the ‭racing conditions. Note: FullRace takes ‭much longer than MiniRace. Do not destroy this race for Yourself and for others .Remember the ‭rules of the series and portal rules. Play always fair. If not, IRG Administration can ‭hold back Your license and / or remove ‭You from‭ ‬IRG community.

4   Stint

10 laps driven in a row on the league server:



5 ‭ ‬ What it is the track, and ‭what is not?
 Track is limited by the white lines. Curb is not the track. ‭Consider‭‬‬ left front + rear ‭left or ‭right front + rear right ‭must be always on the track. Lines are included to the track.

6   ‭Lags and pings
If You heve them, switch of all others programs and downloading systems.

7   Internet connection

Recommended network settings:

1/1 Downstream: 1 mbps / Upstream: 1 mbps
4/1 Downstream: 4 mbps / Upstream: 1 mbps
10/1 Downstream: 10 mbps / Upstream: 1 mbps
20/2 Downstream: 20 mbps / Upstream: 2 mbps
20/20 Downstream: 20 mbps / Upstream: 20 mbps
50/50 Downstream: 20 mbps / Upstream: 20 mbps
100/100 Downstream: 20 mbps / Upstream: 20 mbps
300/300 Downstream: 20 mbps / Upstream: 20 mbps
500/500 Downstream: 20 mbps / Upstream: 20 mbps

You should NOT go below 1 mbps - if you dont have the connection, please do not race in an international league - and there is no need to go past the 20 mbps
Please note that rFactor 2 has UPSTREAM above DOWNSTREAM.

Video instruction: https://youtu.be/myUsFv7uiu4


 7. 2W Policy



In the case of a 2-wide situation, opponents must leave enough space on the track, whether straight or bend or chicanes.



The 2-wide rules are valid from the moment when the attacking vehicle equals its front axle with the rear axle of the attacked vehicle.



In order for both cars to be obliged to drive 2-wide in a bend or choked, the rule from point 3.3.2 must be met before the attacked player starts to turn into a turn or chicane. If the cars have not been leveled before making a turn, the attacked player has the full right to choose a passing line through the turn.



The rule from point 3.3.3 does not apply when the driver made a mistake in the corner, by which he left the ideal line. If in such a situation the vehicle has been leveled, the 2W rule from point 3.3 applies



A driver who changes the driving path, whether in a bend or on a straight road, is obliged to ensure that he does not come into contact with the vehicle next to him. The changing lane is the responsibility for safe maneuvering.



Responsibility for safe conduct of the overtaking maneuver rests mainly on the attacker. Position defense is allowed. The defender has the right on the straight only once to change his driving line towards the inside, he is also obliged to do so early enough not to cause a threat / accident. Defend yourself early or not at all. Defending against the next corner, we can pull back towards the outside, but not completely - it has to leave the rival place for braking at this point. Changing the driving line already in the braking zone is particularly risky and in most cases can be considered as a too late defense.