For new ones

Hi there!
This is short information, how to join IRG Team:

1. Register on our site with the same name, that you are using in the game:

2. Read regulations of our site and current series:

3. Download, install and update app - IRG Tool: 
(It is required to have it launched when driving on league servers)

4. Launch IRG Tool, select series, select rFactor2 directory and download all needed components.

5. Install downloaded content in rFactor2 launcher ("Content").

6. You can join our servers trough IRG Tool or search it in rFactor2 launcher by name of our servers, which you can find on the right side of our site.

(Don't forget, that IRG Tool is necessary when you drive).

7. Test, practice and choose championship you want to compete in (you can drive in both series).

8. Join selected championship on our forum: - IRG FORMULA 2017 - SMP DTM 2017

9. In case of ony questions, you can ask on our forum, TS3 or shoutbox:

Welcome in IRG and have fun :)


*10. If you like to start in SMP DTM 2017, you need to register on and SLS system:

First of all, in order to do anything in SLS you need to have an account. The account can be created for you by an admin - if you do not have it means that you are a new driver on the SRPL and you have to report in the appropriate topic.


When you have the account you need to add yourself to the season. It is not too difficult, especially that you can change a language you are familiar (the pull-down menu on the left):

1. Select the "Drivers" tab and from the menu that appears, select "Edit Data"
2. There will be a lot of options that you can look at and set up. At the moment, however, we are primarily interested in the tab "Seasons". Choose it.
3. There will be a list of active seasons in SLS. We choose the "Edit" option in the season we are interested in (in this case Radical Summer)
From the pull-down menu, select the car class (there is one) and then auto. It must be selected, otherwise you will not be in the race results.
4. In the other two fields, enter your start number (it must be the same as you chose on IRG portal) and nick in sim.
It must be the same as your nickname in the sim (rf2), otherwise you will not be in the race results.
5. Click "Save" and confirm the data. If everything was done correctly after clicking on the driver/index tab - you should be visible on the driver list (provided you select the appropriate option in the pull-down menu on the left: sim and season).

The next step is to set up a team. You can skip it if you just want to be a driver or teams are not provided in the season/ league - but this part can be useful in the future league/season when setting up teams can be possible.

Now you can wait for the invitation to join one of the existing teams or you can set up your own team:

1. Click the "Teams" tab and select "Manage" from the pop-up menu that appears.
2. A site for editing teams appears. In the top right corner look for the "Add" button.
3. A window will appear with several options that you can add later. We are currently interested in the "Team Name" field - it must be identical to the IRG (it can be changed at any time), and also tick the season in which the team is going to take part. (on the right)
4. Click "Save" and the team is ready and visible on your team's list.

You can add drivers to the team by sending invitations. The invitation can be accepted or rejected. The team leader may fire the driver or the driver may leave the team and look for a new one. So how do we invite the driver?

1. Invitations to the team are as follows: Click Teams -> Manage and use the "Team Invitations" section. Select the team menu and the season (it matters if the team participates in several SLS leagues).
2. After selecting the team and the season, a list of drivers participating in the season will be displayed. In order for a driver to be visible on the list, he or she has to add to the season (described earlier). We find the driver and click on it with "send". Now we have to wait until the invitation is accepted or rejected - until then the triangle sign is displayed at the driver's nick.
Note: If you want to ride in your team you have to invite yourself. I know it may sound weird, but that's how it is organised

The driver can also use invitations to do this:

1. Select "Teams" and from the pop-up menu select "Invitations"
2. Select from the drop-down list of season you are interested in. A list of teams will be added to the season.
3. Select the team we are interested in and click on "Send / Send" we send an invitation to the team. In this place we can leave the band to which we belong. This is necessary if we want to send the invitation to a new team and we still belong to another one.
4. The team leader can accept or decline the invitation in the "Team Invitations" section of the Teams -> Manage page. Select from the pull-down menu and season, just as when sending invitations. Icon at driver “+ ” is acceptance, “-“ it's rejection.

To confirm the invitation received from the team, just go to Teams-> Invitations and see which team invites you. Clicking on + means accepting the invitation, clicking on - means rejecting the invitation.

Note that you do not have to drive a team that you own, you can be the boss of several teams taking part in the same season.